In Face to Face AV

Keith Kennedy, ProITAV

March 28, 2023

Where Do OEMs and ODMs Fit in the Pro AV Ecosystem

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin is joined by Keith Kennedy, one of the earliest adopters and members of the SDVoE Alliance. Keith walks through the differentiation and value of OEMs and ODMs. ODMs make custom products for other companies and OEMs make a standard product and puts the company’s logos on it. ProITAV has three models to support their customers. A standard line of products that customers can buy, add their logo, and sell in marketplace. This is a traditional “lick and stick” OEM model. They also develop custom projects where PRoITAV works with the customer to ideate, design, and manufacture a specific product just for that customer. They also have a derivative model where they make adjustments to products they have in their catalog to meet the needs of a specific customer.

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