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The SDVoE Alliance is gathering momentum.

On AVoX: SDVoE Alliance

As part of our AVT Thought Leaders Series on AVoX, we asked Justin Kennington, President of the SDVoE Alliance to share his perspective on the state of networked AV. Read on »

Want to know exactly what SDVoE is, and how it is different from other AV-over-IP technologies? Read on »

Justin Kennington

AV Magazine editor Clive Couldwell talks to Justin Kennington at InfoComm 2019 about the meaning and importance of the AV industry’s IT-ification, and that old AV chestnut, now with a new twist – interoperability.

Justin Kennington

Commercial AV professionals, including SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington, address enterprise-level security.

InfoComm 2019: SDVoE Alliance’s Justin Kennington Talks AV-Over-IP Standards and Interoperability with Gary Kayye

InfoComm 2019: Rose Electronics Presents SDVoE Technology Streaming Devices for Video Walls

InfoComm 2019: Broadata Communications Talks AV-Over-IP 10G Solutions Using SDVoE Technology

InfoComm 2019: IDK Corporation Intros NJR-AB08DAN Dante Audio Bridge With Dante and SDVoE AV-Over-IP

InfoComm 2019: DVIGear Shows DisplayNet DN-150-TX-Quad Quad HDMI Input Module for NETGEAR M4300-96X

InfoComm 2019: Aurora Talks IPX Series for 10G SDVoE AV-Over-IP, Including Wall Transceiver Plate

InfoComm 2019: ZeeVee Intros HDMI Zyper4K SDVoE Module to Be Integrated Into NETGEAR 4300 Switch

InfoComm 2019: NETGEAR M4300 Switches Family

InfoComm 2019: Christie Showcases Terra, an SDVoE AV-Over-IP Solution

InfoComm 2019: SDVoE Alliance Brings a Standardized Approach to Matrix Switch Distribution Over 10G

InfoComm 2019: SDVoE Alliance Compares Its Platform to a Conventional Matrix Switch

Rants and rAVes – Episode 865: SDVoE Hopes to Transform the Matrix at InfoComm

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 881: An AV-over-IP Report from NETGEAR — This is a Must-Listen; Includes Data!

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 868: WyreStorm Heads to InfoComm with Thunder

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 861: Watch This Siemon Demo of Cat6A Being Terminated in Less Than 60-Seconds; Fiber 90-Seconds

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 859: IDK Heads to InfoComm with Ruggedized AV-over-IP Product to Add to Its SDVoE Ecosystem

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 855: DVIGear to Bring Formula IP Racing Simulator to InfoComm to Demo AV-over-IP

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SDVoE Alliance Rides Momentum Into InfoComm 2019

Editor Arlen Schweiger interviews SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington about new members, InfoComm demonstrations and more. Read more »

Tim Albright talks to Justin Kennington on the SDVoE stand.

ISE 2019: Gary Kayye Interviews Justin Kennington, President of the SDVoE Alliance

ISE 2019: SDVoE Alliance and LANG AG Talk About Their Partnership

Integrating IT and AV cohesively
Directly from the show floor of Integrated Systems Europe 2019, AV Nation talked to Justin Kennington about the SDVoE Alliance’s second year of providing interoperability with over 150 products, and to Margot Douaihy about her unique show experience covering the IT perspective on enterprise-grade deployments for AV Technology Magazine.

ISE 2019: Gary Kayye Gets a Tour of the SDVoE Alliance Booth from Justin Kennington

ISE 2019: Christie Exhibits the Terra SDVoE AV-over-IP Solution

ISE 2019: NETGEAR Shows the M4300-96X Managed Switch on the SDVoE Alliance Stand

ISE 2019: Semtech Features Matrix Switch and Blue River Technology on the SDVoE Alliance Stand

ISE 2019: OneAV Discusses IPAV Pro Series With SDVoE Technology

ISE 2019: AVLink Intros Network Digital Signage Solution with 4K AV-over-IP SDVoE Technology

How AV over IP can replace the matrix switch
Paul Milligan of InAVate TV speaks to Don Shaver at the SDVoE Alliance booth to discover how AV over IP technology can replace the matrix switch.

Rants and rAVes — Episode 802: NETGEAR Heads to ISE Partnered with SDVoE

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 800: The SDVoE Alliance Heads to ISE with Over 40 Members and 150 Products

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 796: DVIGear to Debut New DN 150 10G AV-over-IP System at ISE

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 792: Kramer At ISE 2019 Includes AV-over-IP, AVaaS and Certification

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AVNation Podcast – AVWeek 386: Thank You, Tyrone
In this episode, Matt Scott and Justin Kennington talk about the SDVoE Alliance’s introduction of the world’s first Ethernet switch with integrated HDMI.

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A/V Switchers are ‘Dying Because of Cost and Scale’ as IP Video Thrives
Published by CE Pro

In this CEDIA Tech Talk,  Jason Knott, editor of CE Pro, asks the panel tough questions about “How to Design the Best AV Over IP Ecosystem”.  Representatives Justin Kennington of the SDVoE Alliance, Laurent Masia of NETGEAR, Tim Locascio of Savant and Matt Lavin of Metro 18 share their insights. Julie Jacobson, producer at CE Pro, gives an overview of the session.

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HDBaseT, SDVoE, Or AVB: How to Choose Between Networked AV

Writer Megan Santosus brought out an interesting stat in this article. When asked “Are you more likely to leverage fiber for AV distribution and networking now versus a few years ago?”, about 80% of surveyed AV interest responded in the affirmative. Robert D’Addario, president of Cleerline Technology Group noted, “If you are in a project spec phase calling for new cabling, it’s foolish to avoid going to fiber, and an SDVoE solution allows more options to utilize fiber among current endpoint solutions.” Read more »

SDVoE Technology was honored with one of rAVe’s THE Best of InfoComm 2018 Awards – Best New AV-over-IP Transport System!

Watch the InfoComm 2018 videos »

Audinate, developer of the leading audio networking technology Dante, is an SDVoE Alliance contributing member. At InfoComm, Dante Controller, modified to add communication with the SDVoE API, was shown in the Audinate and SDVoE booths. Visitors learned how Dante Controller can be used to discover and control Dante devices and SDVoE devices together in its widely-familiar interface.

Learn more in Paddy Baker’s interview with Justin Kennington »

Need a Quick Refresher on AV/IT Convergence, Networking or Control?
Visit the SDVoE InfoComm Booth

Get the scoop on InfoComm – visit the quick Q&A Commercial Integrator did with alliance president Justin Kennington. Read more »

Rants and rAVes — Episode 711: SDVoE Has Big InfoComm Plans with Education and Certification Program and Live Training

Gary Kayye and Justin Kennington talk about all the exciting initiatives the Alliance has planned for InfoComm 2018.
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Episode 2: Justin Kennington On Putting Software First

Patrick Murray’s new podcast series addresses the issues facing pro AV – How do we prepare for the software-defined future? What kinds of services will the AV professional offer? What kinds of business models will succeed? Play the podcast »

Celebrating SDVoE’s one year anniversary at ISE 2018

AV Nation’s Matt Scott talks to Justin Kennington about the SDVoE Alliance’s first anniversary, the benefits of 10 networks, and much more. Watch the video »

Ethernet? Who Cares?
By Justin Kennington

Essential Install Magazine addresses the smart building and home automation trade sector.  SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington posits that residential consumers don’t care about AV over IP, per se, but rather user experience, convenience and cost. Read the article »

Gary Kayye Interviews SDVoE Alliance President Justin Kennington

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SDVoE Alliance Has Side by Side Shootout of AV-Over-IP Signals — 1Gig vs 10Gig Network

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SDVoE Alliance Demos Quality Differences for Signals Sent on 10Gig vs. 1Gig Networks

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SDVoE Alliance Talks Network Convergence and a Combined AV and IT

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SDVoE Alliance Highlights Growth of Alliance to 32 Members 

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 656: ISE Special Podcast – SDVoE Heads to ISE with 30 Members and Only 10Gig AV-over-IP Solution

Gary Kayye and Justin Kennington talk about the incredible progress the SDVoE Alliance has made in its first year and the vision for the future of AV-over-IP.
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Networked AV Systems: It’s time to clean house
By Karl Johnson

Christie senior product manager Karl Johnson speaks out about simplified system architectures in the January issue of Sound & Communications Magazine. Read the article »

HDBaseT-IP vs. SDVoE: An AV-over-IP Standards Smackdown
By Jason Knott

Editor Jason Knott interviews Aurora Multimedia CEO Paul Harris to compare and contrast the technologies. One conclusion is that “HDBaseT-IP products won’t be available for another two to three years”, yet “SDVoE is raking in new partners on the commercial side, and products today are alive and installed.”

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Taxing Times: iMAGsystems Lightning Video-over-IP Takes Control

The Thai government Excise Department in Bangkok has moved into an upgraded command and control space based on iMAGsystems’ Lightning video-over-IP encoders and decoders, powered by SDVoE technology.

Read the story and watch the video »

130% AV over IP sales increase presages industry ‘revolution’
By Paddy Baker

Editor Paddy Baker reports on a Futuresource Consulting study and quotes research analyst Anthony Brennan,  “The low barriers associated with AV over IP are allowing smaller companies to compete directly with these large enterprises, merging the worlds of IT and AV, placing software solutions at the heart of the AV industry and fostering innovation and competition. For savvy vendors equipped with the right market information, the scale of the opportunity is enormous.”

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AV Over IP and the Impact of Interoperability Across Vendors
By Justin O’Connnor

With the exception of the Software Defined Video Over Ethernet Alliance, or SDVoE, there is not an allied group of vendors working on AVoIP standards. Read the article »

Scalable and flexible
By Steve Montgomery

The transportation of AV over IP has become the key issue in the AV world in the past decade. Steve Montgomery examines the effect this has had on the global AV market. Alliance members and others weigh in. Read the article »

Interview: Bob Michaels of ZeeVee on the company’s AVoIP journey
By Paddy Baker

Editor Paddy Baker talks to ZeeVee CEO Bob Michaels about the company’s evolution to AV-over-IP solutions, its founding member status in the SDVoE Alliance, and how best to describe very low latency. Read the article »


SDVoE Looks Ahead
By Cynthia Wisehart

In a wide-ranging interview, SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington addresses the issues and opportunities facing the pro AV industry and details how the alliance is helping AV professionals chart their path. Read the article »

Why HDBaseT Is Flawed

In an interview from the InfoComm 2017 show floor, Gary Kayye and Justin Kennington talk about why HDBaseT is flawed.
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Matt D. Scott and Justin Kennington explore the issues surrounding the SDVoE platform for AV-over-IP, including the need for 10 gigabit Ethernet infrastructure.
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InAVate TV

Editor Paul Milligan talks to Justin Kennington about the evolution of the SDVoE Alliance since its launch at ISE, and the ecosystem that has been created around SDVoE Technology.
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InfoCommTV News 2017 – Day 1, June 14

AptoVision BlueRiver NT2000 is highlighted along with SDVoE Alliance member products from ZeeVee, iMAGsystems, Techlogix Networx, and DVIGear.
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Rants and rAVes — Episode 604: What is the SDVoE Alliance and Why Should You Care?

Gary Kayye and Justin Kennington talk about what the SDVoE Alliance is doing now, and the future of AV-over-IP.
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[Video] The Death of the Matrix Switch

“There is a major transition happening right now in proAV. Watch this video to learn more about packet switching and the AV-over-IP approach.”
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Will InfoComm 2017 Hasten Rise of AV-over-IP, Death of the Matrix Switch?
By Tom LeBlanc

AV-over-IP standard alliance SDVoE and its members are predicting the death of the matrix switch as they prepare for InfoComm 2017. Editor Tom Leblanc asks the question “Is this a sensational claim or an accurate market perception?” In this video, SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington explains. Watch the video »

UHD Over IP: The New Standard
IP Video Distribution Set to Become New Norm For Residential Installs
By Ted Green

SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington and other members contributed to this in-depth exploration. Read the article »

The Rise Of The SDVoE Alliance
By Daniel Sait

“One of the big stories to come out of this year’s ISE was the progress made by a new industry body, the SDVoE Alliance.” In the article, executives from the Alliance and founding member companies AptoVision, Aquantia, NETGEAR and ZeeVee share their insights. Read the article »

The Trade Show Minute — Episode 79: Justin Kennington with SDVoE Alliance Drives to Spread Awareness in AV Industry

Justin Kennington and Victoria Barela discuss the newly founded alliance by AptoVision, AQuantia, Christie, NETGEAR, Sony, and ZeeVee and its expectations. The goal is to educate the industry of Software Defined Video over Ethernet technology and teach people to enjoy all benefits of AV over IP without having to make compromises in video performance.

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Economies of Scale
Decentralizing Value with Software Defined Video Over Ethernet
By Justin Kennington

As the pro AV industry makes its transition away from propriety matrix switches toward a world of IP-based distribution, opportunities are opening up in the new ecosystem. Read the article »

The Value of Standardized Infrastructure
Thinking beyond the transport
By Justin Kennington

This “Industry POV” lays out how Software Defined Video Over Ethernet is simply the foundation for a whole new world, where software defines the application and the AV industry’s creativity can finally be unleashed. Read the article »

New SDVoE Alliance Reveals at Least One Member: AptoVision
By Tom LeBlanc

Justin Kennington, strategic and technical marketing director at AptoVision, will teach an Integrated Systems Europe 2017 session on SDVoE with NETGEAR’s Laurent Masia. Read the article »

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Debuting at ISE 2017, SDVoE Alliance Dedicated to Standardizing AV-over-IP Architecture
By James Careless

In an interview with Justin Kennington, the goals of the SDVoE Alliance are discussed. Read the article »

A new plaform
By Paul Milligan

Paul Milligan introduces the SDVoE Alliance and notes that the newly formed group is looking to accelerate the move away from proprietary point-to-point matrixes to transport AV signals using AV over IP instead.  Read the article »


What is SDVoE?
By Cynthia Wisehart

As part of the “Adventures in Convergence” article in the AV over IP supplement, editor Cynthia Wisehart identifies the migration towards software-defined video over Ethernet (SDVoE) as “the next logical step away from being bounded by physical infrastructure.” Read the sidebar »

New SDVoE Alliance Aims to Standardize AV over IP
By Tom LeBlanc

Editor Tom LeBlanc reports on the coming launch of the SDVoE Alliance that will happen at ISE 2017. Read the article »



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