In Face to Face AV

Gary Kayye, Founder of rAVE

March 14, 2023

Past, Present, and Future: Where Has the Pro AV Industry Been and Where Is It Going?

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington, President, SDVoE Alliance, sits down with Gary Kayye, Founder of rAVe: THE rAVe Agency, to discuss the history of the Pro AV market, how the market is evolving today, and predictions for how it will transition into the future. Gary and Justin’s discussion covers a gamut of topics, from “walled gardens”, to the demand for interoperability today, and predictions that cloud infrastructure and services, as well as cybersecurity/physical security requirements will drive the future of the Pro AV market. Although those within the Pro AV industry care about how systems are designed and configured and what hardware and software is used, Gary posits that in 5 years the ultimate end user will want to push a button to receive AV programing and not care at all about the infrastructure.

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