In Face to Face AV

Zec Voislav, WyreStorm

May 23, 2023

SDVoE Alliance Member WyreStorm Is Sustainable, Flexible, and Available

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington, President, SDVoE Alliance has a lively chat with Zec Voislav, Product Manager from WyreStorm. Zec shares with Justin how, over the past year, their networked, HD line of products has become even more sustainable by using a new chipset that consumes less power in turn requiring a smaller box size and less coding requirements. They also discuss the benefits of their well-received new transceiver which offers dual purpose use with a single cable. Turn in to hear more details about the flexibility and ease of use of WyreStorms API and the availability of products to meet your project deadlines.

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