In Face to Face AV

John Henkel, NETGEAR

March 21, 2023

NETGEAR and SDVoE Simplify Adoption of AV over IP

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington, President SDVoE and John Henkel, Director of Product Marketing, NEGEAR share how together the two organizations make AV over IP more accessible and simpler to deploy for AV professionals. They cover three specific areas: IGMP plus, managed switch configuration interface, and up-front design and support services.

IGMP is configured with profiles that make it work out of the box with SDVoE, Dante, NDI, ZeeVee and other products and ecosystems. To make the managed switch configuration interface easier to use, NETGEAR have put an AV-friendly interface in front of the IT GUI. Last but not least, Justin and John, discuss the benefits AV pros can take advantage of by utilizing NETGEAR’s up-front design and support services. NETGEAR products and support coupled with SDVoE Academy are a winning combo to make AV over IP more accessible to the Pro AV industry.

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