In Face to Face AV

Zane Au, Director at Shen Milsom & Wilke Ltd

January 10, 2023

Compare and Contrast: The China Pro AV Market

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington, President, SDVoE Alliance, chats with Zane Au from Shen Milson & Wilke Ltd about the China Pro AV market. Zane illuminates us on several key topics including:

  • How does the China Pro AV market compare to the western Pro AV market?
  • How do the cultures of the China and western markets differ or align?
  • How has WeChat become a mega-platform impacting business and day-to-day life in China?
  • What lessons can the western Pro AV market learn from the evolution of the China AV market?
  • And finally, why is Zane a Buffalo Bills fan?

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