In Face to Face AV

Michel Proulx, Pro Media Consultant

January 17, 2023

What Lessons Can Pro AV Learn from the Pro Media Market Transition to IP?

Join Justin Kennington for this week’s episode of Face to Face AV where he discusses lessons learned from the Pro Media market’s transition to IP with industry guru Michel Proulx. Michel highlights how IP has enabled scale, agility, and a transition to software-based environments and workflows and why these attributes are particularly important in the high-end and mobile broadcasting arena and our current “everything-remote” world. Michel also shares some of the challenges that come with the transition to IP and gives advice to the Pro AV market as they transition to IP: tighter compression, looser timing, fewer options, and software-based implementations are the future of both Pro Media and Pro AV Markets. Listen to this episode to gain more detailed insights.

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