In Face to Face AV

Max Kopsho, EVP of Business Development from Christie

February 28, 2023

The Benefits of Insights-Led Selling

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington, President, SDVoE Alliance is joined by industry veteran Max Kopsho, EVP of Business Development from Christie, who shares his years of experience in a trusted advisor role. Max elaborates that at Christie, they espouse an insights-led selling approach. They share thought leadership they have developed with their customers as well as ask lots of questions. Questions are the key to Christie’s team to uncover and understand the needs of the end customer, build the best solution to meet the requirements, and potentially uncover problems before they become problems. Justin and Max further chat about the inevitability that AV will now be on the network and that AV capabilities have evolved into mission-critical applications.

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