In Face to Face AV

Dawn Meade, Senior AV Solutions Architect

December 27, 2022

How to Ace Customer Experience? Give Them What They Really Need!

In this episode of Face to Face AV, Justin Kennington has a fun and informative chat with Dawn Meade about customer experience and how systems integrators can provide a successful customer experience to end users. Dawn notes these key actions: build a relationship and trust, become friends with your customers, deliver what each touchpoint/person in the process needs and do good work at a fair price. Dawn’s 20 years of experience as the “AV guy” and integrator, as well as her current role as an AV solutions architect at a large end user in the government and defense vertical, provide critical perspectives and amusing anecdotes about the customer experience.ct from Level 3 Audiovisual about why cybersecurity for your AV systems is not just “a nice to have” but it is table stakes in today’s world. Paul shares with us how he has turned his cybersecurity paranoia into a super power. Paul shares with us various approaches that hackers take to implement malicious scams. List to this interview to learn about spear fishing and whale fishing and why you need to put on your “bad actor” had when thinking about cybersecurity, policies, policing, and maintenance for your company internally as well as with your customers.

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