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Solve Supply Chain Challenges with AV-over-IP/SDVoE Products

Supply chain woes have been plaguing the Pro AV industry for a while now. The SDVoE Alliance recently checked in with its members to get a pulse on the current demand for Pro AV products and the status of lead time for shipping.

Joe Chordas from ZeeVee, summed up the current situation highlighting the challenges precipitated by the global health crisis and the opportunities to adopt an alternate approach to mitigate those challenges. “The pandemic hurt the pro AV industry hard and integrators in particular. While restricted access to job sites is easing, there is a larger issue of supply chain disruptions that have made it more challenging for integrators to meet the needs of their customers.”

Joe explained, “ZeeVee planned for this eventuality across our entire product line and with an emphasis on SDVoE. Early on, we made an investment in expediting the production of our new ZyPer4K-XS SDVoE encoders and decoders, with ASIC chipsets, so we would have product on hand to meet the market’s needs as the market opened up.”

From ZeeVee’s perspective, they “are also seeing that these supply chain issues are giving integrators pause if they are singly threaded through one manufacturer partner—either through habit or coercion. After years of being subject to being bullied to rely on limited solutions and misled regarding delivery schedules, the current disruptions in product availability are starting to bring integrators to the conclusion that their current arrangements aren’t working for them. They are starting to consider expanding their horizons and giving other products and technologies, like SDVoE, a chance.”

The move toward standardization and interoperability are critical in today’s environment and into the future. Joe shared his thoughts that “it doesn’t make sense to be dependent on a single vendor’s proprietary solution. SDVoE and AVoIP represent sensible moves towards standardization and product interoperability. This opens integrators and end users to a wide universe of products that deliver perfect video quality with added video-processing capabilities that can better meet their needs and budgets.”

Joe expanded on ZeeVee experience: “ZeeVee established “first mover” status in the SDVoE world, shipping its ZyPer4K encoders and decoders in 2015. It also became a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance a year later. Overall, our team has 15 years of experience in pro AV, making us true experts in creating market solutions that set the trends in the AV industry.”

In their ongoing communications with integrators, ZeeVee acknowledges the pain the integrators are experiencing “particularly when they are not able to secure the products they normally use or alternative gear.” ZeeVee currently has product available and are shipping to integrators. They also offer a way to experience the benefits of their SDVoE solution. “Our inventory situation is strong with shipping, typically, within two to four weeks.”

A Snapshot of Member Shipping Timeframes

Other SDVoE members reported similar product availability and short shipping timeframes.

WyreStorm strives to get every shipment out the same day an order is received and succeeds to reach that goal in 90% of cases. WyreStorm has done a great job in anticipating stocking and delivery issues and helping to ensure they fulfill your project’s needs.

VuWall currently has a full inventory of VuStream 510 SDVoE encoders/decoders in stock and to support orders over the next few months. In addition, TRx control servers that are compatible with all third-party SDVoE devices are in stock. Orders can be fulfilled and delivered in under two weeks.  Mark Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer, told the SDVoE Alliance, “In anticipation of global shortages, we have prepared ourselves to service our customers globally by acquiring sufficient inventory, currently held in our European facility in Germany. We don’t expect any delays in fulfilling upcoming orders.”

IDK is optimistic regarding its inventory management process for IP-NINJAR. They reported having stock both in Japan as well as in US and European regional offices. The were some back orders forecasted for existing customers who are designing a system with IP-NINJAR, but IDK is now happy to announce that they have stock.

All of DVIGear’s SDVoE-enabled products listed on their website ( are shipping from stock a few days after receipt of order.

AV LINK currently has 200 SDVoE devices for copper connectivity (IPS-AC) and 120 SDVoE devices for fiber connectivity (IPS-AF) in inventory; lead time varies based on shipping location.

Aurora simply commented, “Aurora can ship in one day!”

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