Stephane Tremblay

SDVoE Alliance

Stephane Tremblay stands as the co-founder of AptoVision, the pioneering force behind SDVoE technology. Embarking on an ambitious journey, he meticulously crafted the SDVoE technology from its conceptualization in his basement to the momentous sale of AptoVision to Semtech in 2017. Acknowledged as the mastermind behind the widely utilized BlueRiver processor within the SDVoE framework, Tremblay proudly bears the title of the technology’s progenitor.

Presently, Tremblay assumes the crucial roles of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) within Semtech’s Pro-AV division and serves as the President of the SDVoE Alliance. Unyielding in his pursuit of innovation, Tremblay epitomizes a true tech visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.

The roots of Tremblay’s unconventional approach to problem-solving trace back to his early days at Matrox, where he played a pivotal role during the company’s transition from traditional graphics cards. With a remarkable career spanning over three decades, Tremblay brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the realm of digital video processing. His enduring commitment to shaping the future of technology positions him as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving landscape of audiovisual innovation.