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Days of Wine and HDR

On this week’s episode of SDVoE LIVE!, Stéphane Tremblay joined our hosts for an in-depth discussion of HDR. Steph is CTO of AptoVision products in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group and one of the founding members of the SDVoE Alliance.  He has spent his entire professional career leading the conception, development and productization of numerous AV, graphics and image processing technologies. In 2011, he co-founded AptoVision with the vision of transforming AV signal distribution by replacing proprietary switching equipment with off-the-shelf Ethernet equipment and has since led the AptoVision team in delivering on that vision with the BlueRiver series of products.

Steph has previously lent his expertise on the SDVoE blog with an opinion piece on image compression technology “When Marketing is Lossy” and an analysis of “Why SMPTE 2110 is not for Pro AV”. Hint:  It’s too expensive, it’s unsecured, it doesn’t interoperate automatically, and it’s cumbersome. It doesn’t yet cover many essential needs in pro AV and the engineers working on the standard are not from the pro AV industry, so are unlikely to address the unique requirements of pro AV installations.

For a wide-ranging interview that covers the technology behind SDVoE, watch Justin Kennington’s interview with Steph, recorded on the occasion of the promotion of Black Box and IDK Corporation to

Where does the wine come in?

On top of being a video technology expert, Steph is also an oenophile.  In this week’s aftershow we asked him what he’s chosen as his 2021 house wine and why.  I, for one, am looking forward to taking advantage of this particular aspect of Steph’s expertise.  He’s never steered me wrong on a wine selection!

More on HDR

There are a number of HDR-related courses in SDVoE Academy to round out or test your knowledge on this topic.

And don’t forget to join us for episode 5 of SDVoE LIVE! on January 26 when we’ll have Chris Chinnock, of the 8K Association help us understand “The 8K Revolution in Pro AV”.

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