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Back to the Office?

What does work look like post-pandemic? That’s a big question on my mind as vaccination rates mount and case counts come down in my privileged part of the world.  It’s the topic Justin and Matt explored on this week’s show “The Evolution of Office Space” with our guest Adam Cox. Adam is a senior analyst at Futuresource and he brought some survey results to the table. I don’t want to steal all his thunder, but it may be that COVID has simply accelerated trends that were already taking shape for years.  The guys speculated on some of the many unanswered questions. Will we all return to the office – as frequently as before? If not, how will any unused space be reconfigured – for more conference rooms and collaboration spaces? Will there be a return to private offices? These questions have massive technical implications and might just be opening new opportunities for AV designers and integrators.

Visit SDVoE Academy for the recorded episode and the resource links which include selected news stories about the recovery including “Which verticals will drive recovery in commercial audio?”, ‘The Biotech Sector Is Gobbling Up Real Estate” and “Work from home should not mean hurt from home”.

In the aftershow, Adam answered some great questions from our live audience.

Adam also recently contributed a guest blog post “The Changing Face of the Corporate Workspace” that adds insight into the topic.  Check it out!

Next Up – The Season One Finale on SDVoE LIVE!

This should be interesting. When I asked our final season one guest for a “headshot”, look at what he sent me.  I predict that if anyone can make the topic “In Control: from IR to APIs” exciting, it will be Lincoln King-Cliby. Lincoln is the commercial market director and senior systems architect at independent-programming-powerhouse ControlWorks Consulting. A Diamond Crestron Certified Master Programmer and Extron Authorized Programmer, Lincoln has been involved in professional audiovisual systems design and installation since 1999, transitioning to full-time AV control systems design and programming in 2005. He particularly enjoys unusual and legislative applications of technology. An avid traveler, Lincoln has visited 22 countries on five continents, 39.5 of the United States, and 3 Canadian provinces.

On June 29, join us as we wrap up SDVoE LIVE! for the summer and contrast past and present in AV control methodology.  Twenty years ago, AV control meant a simple bit of logic and a lot of infrared codes pulled from a giant (and not necessarily trustworthy) database. Today, most devices are network-connected and controlled by an API. In this episode we’ll explore what this means for the AV programmer, as well as the system designer and the system owner. Are we, as an industry, truly realizing the powerful potential that this software-defined revolution offers us? Can the traditional AV programmer keep up, or is this an opportunity to bring a new kind of talent into AV (or both)?

In case you missed it

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