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Cleerline Technology Group Joins SDVoE Alliance

Missoula, MT – Cleerline Technology Group has expanded the reach of their award-winning SSF™ fiber optic connectivity solutions by joining the Software Defined Video Over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance and continues to support the AV industry’s evolution towards AV-over-IP.  Adding Cleerline’s revolutionary SSF™ line of fiber optic cable to the team of industry-leading products and providers of SDVoE offers even greater opportunities for the delivery of high-definition and uncompressed signals to an increasing array of AV integration projects and applications.

AV Evolution:  Paradigm Shifts in Connectivity

Cutting-edge technology and rapid innovation are hallmarks of electronic systems and AV industries, and the factors which drive continuous advancement throughout the industry and greater convergence between many previously-disparate market segments.  AV systems’ ability to deliver on their increasing potential to provide seamless AV and IT solutions over one robust infrastructure depends upon components and connectivity that are genuinely integrated from end to end.  They also rely upon the uncompromised transmission of ever-greater amounts of data between components with an ever-increasing array of specifications and performance characteristics.

Meeting both the current needs of today’s systems and future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow requires a fundamental shift away from previous proprietary systems and copper-based architecture to fiber optic connectivity and harmonized platforms such as that offered by Cleerline SSF™  and SDVoE.

A Clear Path Forward:  SDVoE and Fiber Optics

While the advantages of AV-over-IP are apparent and very significant, how to implement integrated projects using it has been a source of confusion and inefficiency, with a broad array of proprietary and incompatible options available to AV professionals.  By joining the industry’s leading providers around a common, standardized platform, the SDVoE Alliance is the most widely-adopted network architecture in the pro AV market that offers flexibility, scalability, and substantial cost savings by utilizing existing Ethernet technology.

“It is important to recognize the vital role that infrastructure plays in supporting the Ethernet physical layer, including the fiber cable that maximizes AV distribution distance,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “We welcome the valuable contribution and participation of Cleerline to the group, and invite all InfoComm attendees to booth 3729 to see the Cleerline fiber in action, driving many of the SDVoE Alliance demonstrations.”

Equally committed to nurturing innovation and the expansion of the AV industry through efficiency, flexibility, and ease of adoption, Cleerline Technology Group’s SSF fiber optic cable allows all integrators to utilize the most cutting-edge and future-proof connectivity format in any project with minimal training and massive time savings during installation compared to any other fiber optic product on the market.

“At Cleerline we have always been focused on pushing the bleeding edge of technological innovation forward, from both a performance standpoint and the value it offers professionals in the field,” says President and Managing Director Robert D’Addario.  “Fiber optics are unequivocally the best way to transmit uncompromised signals over any network, and with the advancements in high resolution video currently in use and on the horizon, fiber will be a crucial part of any cutting-edge system including AV-over-IP.  Joining SDVoE, an alliance of great providers with the same commitment to collaboration and innovation is an exciting opportunity for Cleerline as we continue to help expand the capabilities of all integrated electronic systems.”

About Cleerline Technology Group

Cleerline Technology Group is a supplier of connectivity solutions and distributed parts to the entire AV industry, best known for its revolutionary SSF™ fiber optic cable that is stronger, safer, and faster terminating than any other fiber connectivity product available.  Drawing on its principals’ decades of experience in AV integration, pro audio, IT, and manufacturing, Cleerline offers an unparalleled level of technical innovation, product development, efficiency, and customer support in the industry.  From start to finish, Cleerline enhances both the end user’s experience and the integrator’s success by delivering unrivaled signal performance with durability, efficiency, and safety not found in any other fiber optic solution.

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