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RH Consulting Research Reveals SDVoE Accounts for Majority of AV-over-IP Video Solutions

RH Consulting, UK-based audio consultants and networking professionals, have released their 10th annual report on the adoption of AV products. Since 2013, RH Consulting has been counting networked audio products and licenses. Their mission is to chart the adoption of audio networking in the pro audio, AV, and broadcast markets. This year, for the first time, RH Consulting’s report has expanded its traditional scope to include networked video and control products, including technology from the SDVoE Alliance.

The latest report is the most comprehensive networked AV product research. The statistics indicate that the number of networked AV products continues to grow, despite the difficulties of an ongoing global pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

A Closer Look at the Research

According to RH Consulting, there are 4,142 networked AV products currently shipping from 444 brands. The data represents more solutions on the market compared to previous years. The comprehensive data includes products that support AES67, AES70, Ember+, NMOS, SDVoE, and ST 2110. There are precisely 109 products that support at least two AVoIP transport protocols, including AVB, Dante, Livewire, Livewire+, RAVENNA, SDVoE, or Wheatnet.

RH Consulting collected data for the number of products that are just video encoders, decoders, and their associated control box. The data reveals that these products account for 91% of SDVoE products. The data indicates a striking correlation between encoders’ and decoders’ dominance and the early days of audio over IP, where analog-to-network input/output boxes were popular. Today, the popularity of analog-to-network input/output boxes has declined with new solutions that integrate the technology directly. According to RH Consulting, the research demonstrates that interoperable video over IP is still in its infancy, especially in the AV market.

The Future of SDVoE Technology

The SDVoE Alliance is the only AV-over-IP ecosystem. RH Consulting calculated that the SDVoE ecosystem includes 267 products from 38 manufacturers. Notably, the SDVoE Alliance has additional solutions, such as compatible network switches and cables, which are not included in RH Consulting’s data.

The SDVoE Alliance is comprised of over 50 members that are pushing the boundaries of innovation with new, problem-solving solutions designed to integrate seamlessly together. SDVoE technology is the only solution that can match the performance of a matrix switch with flawless image quality and zero latency. And the technology is built for the future of professional AV. The SDVoE Alliance has the technology to support 10G networking capabilities and 8K video resolutions to create a high-performance infrastructure for long-term integration.

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