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This month we are proud to announce that two Contributing Members of the SDVoE Alliance have been promoted to Steering Member status. Black Box and IDK Corporation will join Founding Members Christie Digital, NETGEAR, Semtech, and ZeeVee as the members who drive the future of the Alliance and sit on the board of directors. Grandbeing maintains their board seat, and represents the interests of all Contributing members.

To commemorate the promotion of these companies, I sat down with each Steering Member for a catch up on the state of SDVoE. This blog series will bring you each of the interviews. Strap in and get ready to binge watch – there is a LOT to cover and I think we hit it all.

I spoke with Karl Johnson of Christie Digital. The topics were wide-ranging, but I am always interested to be reminded of what the world is like when your displays are 40 feet wide – or more. Image quality really matters! Christie has a whole lineup of projectors and LED displays that feature native connectivity to SDVoE, and Karl gives some insight on those products.


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