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AV UX: Getting the Details Right

Small Details Make All the Difference for Providing Exceptional AV User Experience

During a recent chat between Justin Kennington, President of SDVoE Alliance and Raviv Kramer, CTO for MuxLabs, Raviv explained, “experience is everything and everything is experience. If you have a product with great user experience, you have a great product….It goes from the big things to the small things. So in video calls like this, the natural things to think about is the video and the audio, but there are other components too, that make up for the whole experience, including the lighting that we have in the system. Even the air conditioning in the room, the seat I’m sitting on are details to consider.” All of these details contribute to what we call experience. Some of these considerations are almost invisible improvements you can barely feel, such as a good audio device that filters out background noise. The bottom line is that we need to think about all these things together to design exceptional AV user experience.

Are improvements in UX solely a matter of evolution over time in the AV Industry? Are there other factors at work here driving change and demanding a better user experience? What analogies can we draw to other industry that have embraced UX changes that could highlight a path for our industry? View the on-demand episode of SDVoE LIVE! and find out.

AV User Experience in the news 

Check out this article recently in the news, “User Experience Is About to Become Critical.” You can also read related news article that are posted with the on-demand version of the SDVoE LIVE! episode where Jason discusses UX with Raviv Kramer, CTO of MuxLabs.

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