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AV Network Troubleshooting

The most recent episode of SDVoE LIVE!Why SDVoE LIVE! Episode 9: It’s 1:00. Do You Know Where Your Network Is?” featured guest Alesia Hendley, who has played many roles in her young pro AV career – end user, integrator, designer, salesperson and journalist. Early on, she noticed that every piece of AV equipment connects to a network so she made it her mission to learn everything she could about networks. She has settled into a groove in sales engineering for Access Networks and now it’s her job to ensure customer success by making sure the right pieces of the network are in place. Learn more about Alesia and her work at The Smooth Factor and check out her Crash Pad podcast, a place where technologists, creatives and techies connect.

The talk was all about the mechanisms of network failure, how to get to the root of problems, and some tools that can help.  Do you know what most commonly makes the network go down?  Take a deep dive into this topic on SDVoE Academy; watch Introduction to Network Troubleshooting – Part 1 and Introduction to Network Troubleshooting – Part 2.

When we moved on to the aftershow, the discussion turned to audience answers to the quiz questions then Alesia turned the tables, interviewing Justin about the SDVoE Alliance’s plans for InfoComm. (And we still didn’t find out what’s in the coolers.)

Learn more about AV networking

In addition to the troubleshooting courses mentioned in the show, SDVoE Academy offers 20 courses on AV networking starting from basic concepts and progressing to more advanced topics related to AV over IP and specifics of SDVoE technology. My personal favorite is “AV Over IP Will Destroy Your Network”. Laurent Masia from NETGEAR, an SDVoE Alliance founding member, astounded our audience at ISE 2020 with his talk. It was a revelation, dispelling many myths I’d encountered and debunking some of the misinformation certain manufacturers rely on.

Next up on SDVoE LIVE!

Whether your AV system handles confidential engineering data, protected financial records or private medical information, understanding and managing user privacy is paramount. The bedrock of privacy is network security. The equipment you select plays a critical role in the privacy chain. When you choose to move audio and video signals across an IT network, it’s critical to understand the best practices for protecting your client data. This means understanding equipment capabilities, network configuration, and system management. Join us on April 6 for “Network Safety for AV Pros” to understand the key issues and the roles AV devices, the IT network, and user behavior play in providing a trustworthy environment for information sharing and collaboration.

Guest Josh Srago is a recent graduate from Santa Clara University School of Law and an award-winning audiovisual professional. His career has spanned all aspects of the AV industry – end user, manufacturer, contractor, and consultant – giving him the broad experience to understand the interests associated with the varied members of the community. As the technology became more dependent on network technology, Josh saw the best way he could contribute would be to focus his efforts on translating the evolving tech policy landscape, including net neutrality, privacy and cybersecurity, to the audiovisual community and share its needs with policy makers. He’s accomplished this through his many writings and speaking engagements around the country. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn page or see some of his more recent thoughts on Twitter (@JSrago).

In case you missed it

Previous episodes of SDVoE LIVE! and the aftershows are waiting for you, whenever you have time to indulge.  Sign up for a free SDVoE Academy account, if you don’t already have one.


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