SDVoE Technology Empowers Reliable Distribution for Mission-Critical Dispatch Center at CoServ

Established in 1937, CoServ is powering the future of Northern Texas by delivering safe, reliable and efficient energy and gas. As an electric cooperative and gas distribution company, CoServ provides dedicated resources to around 425,000 combined electric and gas customers. Over the past 85 years, CoServ has transformed into one of the fastest-growing co-ops in the country. Today, CoServ services seven counties in Northern Texas, including Denton, Collin, Cooke, Grayson, Tarrant and Wise counties.

CoServ’s Emergency and Systems Operations Dispatch Center manages customer service-related hazards and disruption from major storm events. The Emergency and System Operations Dispatch Center filters large amounts of data to provide their customers safe and efficient energy and gas. If the supply is interrupted, it is CoServ’s responsibility to respond timely and efficiently. CoServ’s Emergency and Systems Operations Dispatch Center is a mission-critical environment requiring the latest and most reliable technology.


The Emergency and System Operations Dispatch Center is flanked with displays, including weather system alarms that are monitored daily. CoServ can easily manage crew locations to ensure crews are in the right location and have efficient resources. Previously, the Emergency and System Operations Dispatch Center featured 12 50-inch LCD televisions to create an all-encompassing control center. The existing system provided CoServ with the necessary resources but, unfortunately, experienced many issues and disruptions from continuous, around-the-clock use.

To create a reliable solution for the Emergency and Systems Operations Dispatch Center, CoServ selected CTI, a complete solutions provider for audiovisual, video, and information technology integration. CoServ required a solution that transitioned their older, more complex audiovisual configuration into a more streamlined, effective solution that enabled the dispatchers to better coordinate and efficiently display information in the event of an outage or a system call.


To meet these demands, CTI designed an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that eliminated their video processor and included the ZeeVee ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder, allowing CoServ to deliver a multi-window experience across any of the displays. The ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder created a streamlined solution for CoServ because it enables multi-view deployment in every display without requiring a dedicated processor. As a result, the ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder dramatically increased the rack space’s density, leading to power efficiency, lower cooling and a lower cost of ownership. Additionally, the ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder eliminated traditional supply chain challenges and interoperability restrictions by enabling CoServ to select their preferred control system manufacturer.

As a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance, ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder 4K delivered independent audio, video, RS232 USB and multi-view to multiple independent monitors throughout the Emergency and Systems Operations Dispatch Center. SDVoE technology, as implemented through ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K Encoder and Decoder, allowed for low-latency, simplified control across all displays throughout the Emergency and Systems Operations Dispatch Center to enable dispatchers to quickly and easily visualize time-sensitive data to provide dedicated resources to electric and gas customers in Northern Texas.

Benefits of SDVoE Technology

SDVoE reaches beyond existing standards to provide benefits no other technology can claim:

  • A complete ecosystem – SDVoE Alliance members are manufacturers with expertise in signal distribution, display manufacture, IT infrastructure, chip design and AV software. The integrator has dozens of partners to align with and products to choose from.
  • A flexible yet simple software platform – the SDVoE API allows rapid development of highly specialized software, custom-tailored to the needs of a vast array of end users.
  • A full OSI stack solution – only SDVoE offers the simplicity of a complete top to bottom solution, fully encompassing infrastructure, transport, processing, and a simple control layer.

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