SDVoE Transports 4K Video to Stunning Exhibit Spaces Inside Indiana State Museum

Located in White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum houses 70,000 square feet of exhibit space with over 450,000 artifacts showcasing the science, art, culture and history of the Hoosier state from prehistoric times up to the present day. The museum is also home to the Indianapolis IMAX Theater featuring the state’s largest movie screen. The building itself, constructed completely from Indiana materials, is a work of art, with icons representing each of Indiana’s 92 counties integrated into its exterior walls.


To provide visitors with unique and memorable experiences, the museum sought to create engaging new interactive exhibits. They decided on touch-panel kiosks that incorporate elements of digital signage and use either motion or touch-activated audio and video. Delivery of content across every floor required a scalable and flexible 4K over 10G IP AV distribution solution. In addition, local control and KVM breakout capabilities were ‘must haves’ for the project. The kiosk design left minimal space for the AV equipment so a small footprint was a necessity.

“Our IPX Series was ideal for this installation. The days of needing a separate AV switcher, control system, videowall processor, audio/DSP converter and a variety of other devices for installations like those at the Indiana State Museum are a thing of the past!”
– Paul Harris, Aurora Multimedia


Shawn Huddleson, AV Manager for the Indiana State Museum selected SDVoE-based IPX Series Transceivers from Aurora Multimedia to deploy across the variety of new museum exhibit spaces. The project employed a total of thirty-two transceivers, three 48-port Huawei 10G fiber switches, and related accessories. Because the IPX units are transceivers, the IPX-TC1 units are configured as transmitters or receivers based on their function in the implementation. IPX units set up as transmitters handle a variety of media playback sources.

The transmitter-configured units reside in the server room alongside the audio processing and network distribution equipment and the exhibit control system. The units configured as receivers are installed in the kiosks or behind exhibit walls. Their small form factor makes them an easy fit.

“Our IPX Series was ideal for this installation, said Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora. “Using the bandwidth of standard 10Gbps copper or fiber, our SDVoE-based IPX Series supports large and scalable audio/video matrixing, and it does so while replacing multiple technologies and products with a ‘single-box’ distributed platform. The days of needing a separate AV switcher, control system, videowall processor, audio/DSP converter and a variety of other devices for installations like those at the Indiana State Museum are a thing of the past!”

About Aurora Multimedia

Aurora Multimedia products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies that surpass typical specifications and features. From the introduction of the industry’s first non-proprietary, Web-standards-based IP control systems and touch panels, to today’s advanced SDVoETM and IPBaseT® IP video distribution solutions – Aurora has been a dominant force in the AV industry. Advanced AV processors with scaling, multi-image rotation, and dual/quad display processing only add to their highly adaptive, diversified product line. Aurora provides solutions for a variety of global markets, including government, education, security, hospitality, corpor- ate, and house of worship.


Benefits of SDVoE Technology

SDVoE reaches beyond existing standards to provide benefits no other technology can claim:

  • A complete ecosystem – SDVoE Alliance members are manufacturers with expertise in signal distribution, display manufacture, IT infrastructure, chip design and AV software. The integrator has dozens of partners to align with and products to choose from.
  • A flexible yet simple software platform – the SDVoE API allows rapid development of highly specialized software, custom-tailored to the needs of a vast array of end users.
  • A full OSI stack solution – only SDVoE offers the simplicity of a complete top to bottom solution, fully encompassing infrastructure, transport, processing, and a simple control layer.

For more information about Aurora’s IPX Series of SDVoE solutions,


SDVoE case study - Indiana State Museum

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study as a PDF, click here.


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