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Xyte and SDVoE Alliance Announce Partnership

SDVoE Alliance members now have a standardized monitoring and management platform for more than 700 products, and a platform to launch revenue-generating managed services

Tel-Aviv, Israel – November 17, 2021 – Fresh off an exciting company launch, cloud services innovator Xyte announces a strategic partnership with the SDVoE Alliance®, a nonprofit consortium of technology partners working to advance AV over IP adoption. The partnership will bring Xyte’s cloud connectivity platform to all 54 SDVoE Alliance members, providing a unified monitoring and management platform for more than 700 member products.

“The SDVoE Alliance was formed to standardize on a single approach to AV over IP that works across all AV industry manufacturers,” said Justin Kennington, President, SDVoE Alliance. “Our partnership with Xyte brings that same spirit of standardization to SDVoE Alliance members and their customers.”

Kennington explains that IT departments with increasing responsibility for AV systems want a singular platform to remotely access AV devices on their network, as opposed to having a dedicated monitoring platform for each component. “We can now build a scalable monitoring platform through the cloud that connects all of our member products to the Xyte ecosystem.”

Xyte’s AV platform, Workplace by Xyte, will offer more than remote monitoring and management to SDVoE Alliance members, including the ability to gather usage and performance analytics, and provide direct online customer service including technical support. Xyte will also offer SDVoE Alliance member manufacturers an end-to-end cloud-based platform to run their entire “Hardware-As-A-Service” (HaaS) business. This includes support for what Xyte calls “Digital Products,” an innovative approach that allows manufacturers to remotely enable device features through subscriptions. Xyte’s novel HaaS will also help SDVoE Alliance members better support their channels and customers and develop new recurring revenue streams.

System integrators that use SDVoE member products will also have free access to the platform. These companies can quickly specify SDVoE products into their projects, and remotely manage and monitor all SDVoE member devices across their installations. They can even offer their own custom managed services for their end customers, based on Xyte’s platform, and proactively and remotely support their customers.

“Xyte’s Hardware-as-a-Service model is an intriguing concept, and an interesting place for the AV industry to head,” adds Kennington. “From a business perspective, it sends a strong message about the potential in establishing long-term engagement with customers. It’s more than just buying a product; it’s about building relationships that offer recurring revenue opportunities for all.”

While the AV industry has been slow to adopt cloud technologies, Kennington believes that the simplicity and accessibility of Xyte’s platform will accelerate the transition to more cloud-based systems and services, similar to how organizations like the SDVoE Alliance have advanced AV over IP acceptance.

“One of the major pillars of our strategy is the SDVoE Academy, which is an educational resource for AV over IP across design, integration, sales and management,” he said. “There continues to be a substantial gap in knowledge and skills between AV and IT professionals. We will see broader, faster adoption of cloud technologies through training and education, same as we have seen with AV over IP. It is all about helping professionals be more comfortable and fluent with emerging technologies.”

The SDVoE Alliance will also support technology migration for members as they on-board with Xyte. SDVoE’s open API includes automatic connectivity to Xyte’s platform, without requiring programmers to perform manual coding.

Xyte CEO Omer Brookstein notes that the Xyte API has already been implemented into the SDVoE chipset.

“Xyte is coming into the industry at a time when AV professionals are ready to embrace the opportunities of the cloud,” said Omer Brookstein, CEO, Xyte. “From cloud monitoring to paradigm-shifting HaaS business models, we are prepared to help manufacturing, integration, and reseller partners take their operations and businesses into bold new directions. Having SDVoE on board as an early partner will only help to send the message that Xyte is in a strong position to lead that transition.”

About the SDVoE Alliance

SDVoE is an initialism for “Software Defined Video over Ethernet”. The SDVoE Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardize the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments and to create an ecosystem around SDVoE technology allowing software to define AV applications. The alliance operates the free SDVoE Academy training platform, participates in tradeshows and conferences, publishes white papers and case studies and promotes SDVoE technology, and solutions based on the technology, to system integrators, designers, consultants and end users. Steering members of the SDVoE Alliance are Black Box, Christie Digital, IDK Corporation, NETGEAR, Semtech and ZeeVee. All interested parties are invited to join the alliance and work toward its goals. For more information, visit or connect with us on Twitter @SDVoE, LinkedIn, and the SDVoE blog.

About Xyte

Xyte is a revolutionary solution for hardware manufacturers, with a first-of-its-kind cloud platform that bridges the gap between hardware devices and modern cloud applications. Xyte’s award-winning offering provides device manufacturers with a comprehensive, white-labeled solution for managing their customers, resellers, and devices, enabling them to propose new subscription-based business models and realize the full potential of their connected products.

The innovative yet easy-to-manage Xyte platform offers an extensive range of cloud-based services. Intuitive and forward-thinking, it’s a technology and business analytics solution specifically designed to give users a unique advantage in a competitive field, with access to real-time performance data and a powerful suite of business tools.

Workplace by Xyte is a dedicated implementation of the esteemed Xyte platform, built specifically for audio/video and modern workplace professionals. It offers an integrated, all-in-one solution for AV service providers, enabling them to deploy, configure, and monitor devices from a wide variety of vendors. MSPs can provide managed services for their customers’ collaboration spaces and easily stay on top of changing configurations and needs, with a wide array of third-party integrations simplifying ticketing, incident response, and more.


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