Clark Williams


Clark Williams is Executive Vice President, Content Management and Processing at Christie.  He is responsible for all engineering and product management resources for Christie’s content management and processing products—including Christie® Spyder, Christie Phoenix​, Christie Brio and Christie Pandoras Box. Building on the success of Christie’s content management and image processing portfolios, Clark’s team accelerates the number and range of customer applications in this area, and meets the growing need for unified, application-specific solutions.

In July 2007, Clark became Vice President, Windowing and Compositing Solutions, after Christie acquired his company, Vista System, Corp. This acquisition allowed him to focus on high-end image processing products while taking advantage of Christie’s sales strength and global footprint. In October 2016, following a successful consulting period, he re-joined Christie as Executive Vice President, Content Management and Processing.

Clark started Vista Systems, Corp., in 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona when he realized there was a huge demand for the hardware tools he’d developed as part of his technical consulting business.