GScoolink Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and video IC products. GScoolink HDMI 2.0 IC technology will be used in upcoming SDVoE reference designs.
Shenzhen Arich Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and video products, introduces their SDVoE-based IPA2000 solution for uncompromised 4K60 (4:4:4) AV signal distribution over Ethernet, ideal for matrix switching and extension applications.
A major technological overhaul at the EOC enables leaders, activated departments, and first responders to optimally collect, analyze and interpret data, respond to unfolding and rapidly changing events, and make decisions to protect life and property in the Conroe, Texas region.
New Courses in SDVoE Academy
In this course, Gary Vlaeminck, head of training and certification initiatives at Cleerline Technology Group, explains the key benefits to using fiber instead of traditional infrastructure.
Gary Vlaeminck takes a deeper dive into fiber optics. You'll get a basic understanding of how it works and learn about the different types of fiber - single-mode and multimode.
ZeeVee invites you to "Become an AV over IP Expert". DVIGear will be presenting "A Perfect Match For Dynamic Visuals". Choose from dates in October, November and December.
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