You’ll have a know-it-all Brit and an opinionated Texan facing off on controversial topics in pro AV. There are bound to be sparks and that will be part of the fun.

The 30-minute shows will be hosted by SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and SDVoE Alliance head of education Matt Dodd from Tiverton, UK.

Pro AV’s only edutainment program will feature training on a variety of important pro AV topics, illuminating case studies, panel discussions and more.

"We’ll have fun, but we'll also provide the high-quality education that system designers, integrators and tech managers have come to expect from the SDVoE Academy,” said Kennington. “No one else in pro AV is doing this and it’s about time. Different to other prominent Americans, I am leveraging my presidency into reality TV stardom.”

Topics and guests for the first six episodes have already been chosen and more will be added soon.
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